2023 AYF Regionals

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The road to the 2023 American Youth Football Championships goes through the 8 regionals. Each regional qualifier will have the best teams from the states within their regions division. 

Although the Idaho Youth Football League is not participating in the Regionals this year, make sure to follow American Youth Football Desert Mountain Region to keep up to date with Idaho’s regions news!

Idaho Youth Football League is a new member of the AYF and will be added to the regional series for 2024. We look forward to bringing the IYFL’s first teams to the regional qualifier! 

We will have a normal 8 game playing season. At the end of the season IYFL will have the top 4 teams play in a play-offs for Idaho Youth Football League Championship Title and Team Trophy. 

The championship team for 8U, 10U and 12U will have bids to the regionals to compete against Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming and Montana. With Idaho’s 8U, 10U, and/or 12U teams winning they will be able to go to Florida for the AYF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS

The Desert Mountain Regionals are a play-off style game system with a single game elimination. With the IYFL’s Paid Season Dues your athlete will have automatic bus fare and hotel expense paid for! Thats right, travel expenses are paid for to the regionals!! 

To get IYFL’s athletes to the finals in Florida we use our generous partners funding and the teams fundraising efforts to provide hotel, and entry fees. Check out how to become a partner

The first week of December will hold the finals in Florida. As the American Youth Football’s Idaho League Associate the IYFL is the ONLY way for your athlete to compete in the AYF FINALS. 

Check out how to join your team if you already have a team or multiple teams.  Join IYFL as a team.

The best part about Idaho Youth Football League is all games will be streamed to our website for all viewers to watch. Make sure to follow our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages to stay up to date.